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Bulletin N°8
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Welcome to the green hills...      

 Verdant landscapes and sweetness of life 


Located in the southwest of the Pas-de-Calais, near Arras, Béthune, Hesdin, between Artois and the Opal Coast, the of Commons the Vértes hills du Saint-Polois community is a rural territory, concentrated around a village center, the municipality of TERNOISE.

Leaving the area urbanized former mining basin, taking the direction of the sea, Green Hills offers to us. The hills of Artois begin waving and intensive urbanization is finally embracing the Green! Habitat changes and the towns of red brick give way to the villages of white stones. Rivers and streams are more channelled, they run at the bottom of valleys: it is here that the Ternoise takes its source.

Areas of plateaus, often cultivated, alternate with green valleys and dales. These wet Fund contrast with the limestone hillsides, media dry and warm, share the landscape, the fauna and flora where the base vegetation consists of lawns and thorny bushes. For example, these upland are favourable for orchids. The change of scenery is suddenly, the road veers abruptly in the Valley (Brett descent to the village of Heuchin...). These slopes are often wooded creating a green link between the forests of the region. These slopes are interesting for outputs ATV and points of views during hikes.

The region is crossed from West to East by the Ternoise River of 43 kilometers, joined by various tributaries: the Bliot, the Eps and the Faulx. It is the main tributary of the Canche. It takes its source in Saint Michel sur Ternoise in the hamlet of "Grace", passes to TERNOISE and empties into the river Canche at Huby-Saint-Leu, very close to the town of Hesdin. To the North, the Belgians come to admire the Source of the Lys in Lisbourg.

Green hills are genuine interest at the level of the flora and fauna. Many raptors like to fly over the area. In autumn and winter, herons feast of fish and coexist with the grebes and the wild swans. Many small mammals roam the sector while deer and wild boars prefer to shelter in the Woods. Rich in insects, the area offers refuge to some reptiles. In the middle of this rural region of green hills, the 'rural capital' of Ternois, St Pol - sur-Ternoise (5500 inhabitants) is a small city nestled in a preserved nature crossed by the river "rising". It is the economic centre of the Ternois.

All agricultural market time, place of exchange between the productions of the Earth and the industry, meeting place of the major communication routes, welcoming commerce, city ancient and always young, Saint-Pol has a developed industrial area; Saint-Pol and its flowery streets lack charm. The city has all the activities and all the services of a centre radiating on a vast rural area: administrations, shops of all kinds, banks, schools and colleges, sports equipment, industrial zone with an important agro-food activity...

The historical and cultural heritage of the Vértes Hills is remarkable: castles, manors, Mills water, chapels, and old farms along different landscapes. Since the middle ages, each village had his lordship and County of Saint-Pol extended Sources of the Lys to the sum. This heritage has suffered the damage of two wars. A heritage of World War II is quite important: launch of V1, tunnels, bunkers, German barracks... In this territory, a certain tourist dynamic exists with the presence of numerous accommodation, a rich local history, natural and cultural heritage.

This territory has several attractions:-parks and gardens: these are prestigious quality gardens for some recognized "remarkable gardens". -The Museum Bruno Danvin St Pol and St. Polois - the Park of the castle: in the heart of the city of St-Pol-sur-Ternoise, – the circuit of Croix-en-Ternois which attracts 28,000 visitors every year – equipment structuring as the Belval Abbey of today, this quiet and green territory attracts each year more and more tourists looking for naturerest and family activities: hiking, discovery of parks and gardens, churches and castles, tasting of local products. 

If you want to relax or distract you by a beautiful day, come in the region. Saint-Pol, the green hills of Saint-Polois and their surroundings are the country dreamed to relax.


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